Friday 6 March 2020

This week's epic: Aspern-Essling

At OWS we have been steadily working our way through Napoleon's biggest and bloodiest battles, using scenarios designed by our OWS comrade Mark. I haven't been able to play all of Mark's games but have enjoyed a few: Borodino, Wagram, Friedland.

This week's epic was Aspern-Essling (1809). Napoleon had established a bridgehead across the Danube north of Vienna, with the villages of Aspern and Essling as its bastions; the Austrian army converged on it; two days of bloody fighting ensued. Both sides lost over 20,000 men; the French avoided being driven into the Danube, but failed to break the Austrians, so they withdrew. Napoleon had to wait until Wagram six weeks later to finally win the campaign.