Tuesday 25 February 2020

BBB - 'an awesome asymmetrical ruleset that rewards tactical nous'

The New Year seems to have brought in a wave of new recruits joining the 'Bloody Big Battles!' group on groups.io (now well over 800 members). This is a very good-natured and helpful crowd. A new member asked some questions this week and was greeted by such nice and enthusiastic replies that I felt they deserved to be shared more widely. I present a couple of them here, therefore, to be added to the BBBBlog's accumulated reviews of BBB.

Nathan on groups.io:

'BBB is great. It's not a competition "two equal armies on a regulation size green felt" game, instead it's an awesome asymmetrical set that rewards tactical nous and where victory goes to he who does better than their real life counterpart under table conditions that reflect reality. Cracking set :) '

Dave Cooke on groups.io:

'I’m also a rookie at BBB. I played my third game yesterday. Each game has been very enjoyable and against different opponents each time. All three opponents have asked to play again, so I’ve organised a game for two of them next Saturday. One of them is sending off for 1866 Austrian troops!

The rules are straightforward and once you’ve played a game you’ll not need to refer to them very often. Yesterday I didn’t open the rulebook at all during the game and just referred to the QRS – a very good one is available on the website. They really give a feel for the period and once a game is over I feel like I’ve fought a Franco-Prussian War battle, not part of one or a large skirmish, a full on battle.'

(These remarks posted here with the kind permission of their authors, Dave and Nathan. I don't believe we've ever met.)

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