Tuesday 20 February 2018

Mondovi 1796: a game of the book of the campaign ...

This week we got to playtest Mondovi, the second in the series of operational-level scenarios for Napoleon's 1796 campaign in Italy, designed to accompany the forthcoming first English edition of Clausewitz's history of the campaign. In the first scenario, Dego, Napoleon inflicted a series of small but stinging defeats on the Austrians and forced them apart from their Piedmontese allies. In the second week of the campaign, General Colli commanding the Piedmontese conducts a fighting withdrawal through successive defensive lines against 2:1 odds, trying to hold off the French long enough for the Austrians to regroup and come to his aid, but is finally beaten at Mondovi. This knocks Piedmont out of the war.

The Corlears Hook Fencibles in New York have already played this couple of times. Lavish photo-AARs can be found on the CHF website here. They managed one Piedmontese victory (per the original draft victory conditions) and one tie.