Friday 18 June 2021

Image collection: Hungarian War of Independence 1848-1849

Dr Szilárd Szilágyi has created a fabulous resource for anyone interested in the Hungarian War of Independence (1848-1849). For years he has been collecting images of all kinds related to the war. Many of these are freely available to view on his Flickr album.

As well as pictures of battles, uniforms and other directly military topics, there are many images of Hungarian cities, towns, villages, landscapes, etc., from the 19th century. These would be particularly useful to anyone who wants to create terrain for Hungary '48 wargames and therefore needs to know what a fortified church might look like, or a farm, or a civic building, or a hilltop castle, or a Danube steamboat ...

Dr Szilágyi is a passionate enthusiast for the history of the '48. He and I have had some valuable collaboration. Anyone interested in this conflict should be grateful to him for making this wonderful resource available to us.