Thursday 26 March 2015

Going underground: Berliner Unterwelten museum

Finding myself in Berlin recently, I had the good fortune to go on a tour of Berliner Unterwelten, Berlin's underground museum.

Exponate --

The museum is in a WWII air raid shelter and focuses on civil defence in WWII and the effects of the Allied bombing campaign. The luminescent paint on the walls still glows in the dark - very cool. It's full of fascinating exhibits such as civil defence paraphernalia and bomb casings. One room is mostly given over to excavated weapons and equipment from the final battle for Berlin (including a Sten - I wonder how that got there). Also the exhibit in the photo above, which is about the post-war clean-up and how the rubble and debris of war was disposed of or reused, helmets turned into cooking pots and the like. My favourite? The Panzerfaust nosecap made into a cup.

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