Thursday 19 March 2015

BBB-fest #2: First Bull Run (ACW), Nikopol 1877 (Russo-Turkish), Velestino 1897 (Greco-Turkish), Le Cateau 1914 (WWI)

BBB seems to be taking over our club - we had four games going this week, out of a total of eight in the hall.

Vincent Tsao's First Bull Run game went down well - producing a narrow Union victory - and other players are keen to give it a go.

Konstantinos Travlos's Velestino 1897 action is a nice small quick game which got fought twice in 3 hours, resulting in one tie and one somewhat fortunate Turkish win for me.

Nikopol misfired a bit as I seem to have made it very one-sided, and the Russians got thumped both times. I need to revisit this one and tinker with the victory conditions etc.

Le Cateau was a test not only of the scenario but also of rule modifications to make BBB work for huge WWI battles. The game moved along swiftly and the scenario went pretty historically. I think the rule mods need more tweaking to strengthen the defence, but are going in the right direction.

Looking forward to some Sikh Wars action next week.

My score for the year, thanks to my Turkish victory at Velestino:
Games played to conclusion - 10. (not counting ones I referee)
Won - 3.
Drawn - 2.

Lost - 5.

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