Monday 23 February 2015

Another hot review of BBB! This time in Miniature Wargames / Battlegames

MW/BG 383 includes an expert review of the "Bloody Big Battles!" rules. The BG website is here:

You'll have to buy your own copy to see the review in full, but highlights (for me) include:

"contains a number of original ideas which add subtlety to the outcomes"

"these rules give a quick and fun game, with a lot of period feel"

"well worth a close examination … We both recommend it as a valuable addition to the rules available for this period."

The reviewers in question, John Drewienkiewicz and Andrew Brentnall, are, I believe, two of the most knowledgeable people around as far as late C19 battles are concerned. They are the authors of "Wargaming in History Volume 8: The Austro-Prussian War of 1866: The Opening Battles". See

To have passed muster in their expert eyes is no mean achievement.

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