Monday 8 July 2019

Nice review of BBB from 'Manteuffel' (Wargaming from the Balcony)

Pleased to stumble across this latest review of BBB, published in May 2019 by 'Manteuffel' on his Wargaming from the Balcony blog. I don't know who Manteuffel is, nor what his balcony overlooks (though some clues elsewhere on the blog suggest he is somewhere in Virginia USA or thereabouts), but I hope he won't mind me picking out a couple of my favourite lines from his review:

"Our group has found the rules as a good and simple system that allows us to play (and finish) battles during the 19th century."

"We often get occasional players, so having a system that they can quickly grasp is a true bonus."

"BBB is what we have been looking for."

"If your looking to play full sized battles in an afternoon with some buddies, BBB just might be for you!"

I'm particularly pleased to see that he and his group have been getting good value out of BBB for Napoleonics, as witness for instance his AAR for the Battle of Gordeczna. As he says:

"We actually find that [we can] use the rules for the later Napoleonic period without modification. We just reduce the unit scale and apply the appropriate unit attributes and the rules fit like a glove. We had been working on our own variations of rules to cover this scale, but are all in agreement that this is not longer necessary, as BBB is what we have been looking for. "

"[BBB is] our current preferred system for to play full sized battles in the 19th century."

Manteuffel, if you're reading this: I appreciate you taking the trouble to write such a thoughtful review, and I'm delighted that you and your group are having such a good time with BBB!


  1. A very nice review of a great set of rules:). Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was also working on grand tactical black powder rules before discovering BBB four years ago and knew it was what we were looking for.


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