Monday 24 September 2018

Napoleon's 1796 Italian Campaign (Clausewitz) - it's published!

I am delighted to report that our annotated translation of Clausewitz's history of Napoleon's famous first campaign is now published.

University Press of Kansas catalog entry here.

Available from Amazon here.

My previous blog post about the work here.

We are honored and grateful that several eminent historians have written such positive endorsements of the work (though of course, the late General von Clausewitz deserves most of the credit).

I do however take some pride in noting that we delivered the manuscript in good order and in such good time that the book has been published ahead of the originally planned October release date.

I also managed to complete the set of operational-level wargame scenarios that accompanies the book, albeit the last few are not yet playtested. These can all be found in the files of the BBB Yahoo group.

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