Tuesday 1 March 2016

BBB's first video! "Last Century of the Ottomans" campaign, and others

Konstantinos Travlos is the man behind the "Leadhead, Ph.D" blog and the popular and growing Facebook group "19th Century Warfare and Wargaming". To my considerable delight, he and his fellow wargamers in Istanbul have constructed their own BBB campaign, "Last Century of the Ottomans". This compiles ten BBB scenarios from the Crimean War, Serbo-Turkish War, Russo-Turkish War, and Greco-Turkish War. It should be fascinating to watch his reports on how the campaign progresses during the course of 2016.

They have just fought the first battle in the campaign, Kurudere. Konstantinos made a video of the game, which as far as I know is the first BBB video - hurrah! Pretty good for a first experiment in the medium. I enjoy how the mounting drama and tension are revealed as some frustrated swearing creeps in towards the end ... Bravo, Konstantinos!

The Istanbul club are not the only group to have embarked on a BBB campaign. The Corlear's Hook Fencibles, in New York, are two games into their Franco-Prussian War campaign. So far it is two battles, two bloody ties, so pretty tense and exciting. And here in UK another FPW campaign has commenced at Wissembourg. I'm looking forward to following all of these.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out Chris! A write up of the battle will probably follow this week.


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