Tuesday 24 February 2015

I owe Keith a beer!

as he has been kind enough to say nice things about "Bloody Big BATTLES!" on his blog http://keefsblog.blogspot.co.uk/, such as:
"I have enjoyed three or four games with these rules, usually in a group of at least 4 wargamers, and all have been an excellent experience."
"[the rules are] straightforward, easily comprehended and neatly summarised on a 2 sided playsheet"
"a very well thought out and straightforward way into gaming large size engagements involving tens of thousands of real troops"
"I'm looking forward to enjoying more games of BBB in the future. They really are something different and well worth looking into."

BBB aside, Keith's blog is well worth a look. Unlike my own increasingly frequent but unvarnished efforts, Keith's posts are always well crafted prose, usually beautifully illustrated, and offering thoughtful reflections on a range of wargaming-related topics - and spiced with a sharp wit. That's why it was listed among my favourite links well before he blogged about BBB.

Another dimension of Keith's web presence is his "Honours of War" Yahoo group:
HoW is the ruleset Keith has developed for the Seven Years War, to be published later this year by Osprey. I've only had one game of HoW so far, but I hope and expect to play more. If SYW is your thing, take a look.

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