Saturday 7 February 2015

Nice comments about "Bloody Big Battles!" (BBB)

Now that the BBB rules have been in circulation a couple of months, they have generated a fair amount of feedback. I'm happy to say it has been overwhelmingly positive, to the extent that I thought it would be nice to post a collection of players' comments here. These are taken from various sources, mainly The Miniatures Page and the BBB Yahoo group, but also from people's own blogs or websites. I'm doing this because our BBB games have been some of the best wargaming fun I've had in a long wargaming career, because I think BBB does fill a gap, and because the point of publishing BBB was really to share the fun. My wife would say it's more to do with fuelling my obsession and boosting my ego, but even if that's true, I seem to have made a few other people happy along the way. Here you go: player's comments on BBB, presented by me with all due modesty, with thanks to those who took the trouble to comment, and I'm glad to have contributed to their gaming pleasure:

wonderful example of "Occam's Razor" in rule design – stripping down to the bare essentials

Got my book in the mail yesterday. I feel confident I could sit down and play a game through straight away.

If you enjoyed Fire and Fury but want something a little lighter in concept, you should check these rules out.

a really really good set of rules I recommend to anyone who games the 19th century. Chris is probably one of the most friendly and helpful authors out-there. There is a huge scenario book out which covers many of the major and minor wars in Europe in the 19th century, and Chris has made a bunch of scenarios available for free on the BBB Yahoo Group. So no excuses! Take command and fight Big Bloody Battles!

“we are really, really enjoying these rules”

“enjoyed the game a lot”

“We played the Alma scenario at my wargaming club yesterday.  Everyone enjoyed the rules a lot and our FLGS sold out of the core rules and the scenario book after the game. ”

“Very enjoyable”

“Had a cracking game today”

“it was a cracking game and the scenario went right to the wire generating plenty of 'war stories' along the way and we're all looking forward to the next game”

“am duely impressed.   Congratulations on a fine body of work.”

“have had one useful game to try them out and was quite impressed. The movement and firing systems seem fine and I like the way movement and morale are done together.”

“I picked up a copy from the Caliver stand at Warfare yesterday. I'm impressed.”

I like the rules.

I must commend you on the rules, some really neat ideas.

the movement activation rules are something I liked.

And possibly my favourite so far:

“thanks for such a wonderful set of rules. It is a long time since I have been so enthusiastic about gaming.”

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