Monday 2 March 2015

St Quentin FPW BBB participation game at Overlord, Abingdon

Just a quick note to record for posterity that the BBB team did indeed put on our St Quentin game at the Overlord show in Abingdon yesterday. Here's how it looked, complete with wagon trains trying to escape from bottom left to top of picture:

And here's a shot of Colin's famous handcrafted St Quentin Town Hall. The photo doesn't do it full justice, but the admiring comments from passers-by did.

The game attracted a lot of interest, with plenty of people stopping by to look and to chat. It was great to meet folks from the BBB Yahoo group, especially some who are already playing and enjoying BBB. Plus - best of all - our participation game succeeded in involving and entertaining some genuine participants!

Big thank yous to everyone who helped to make it happen, and to everyone who came by to say hello. We felt this was a real success and we're looking forward to doing more of these at other shows later this year.

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