Saturday 7 February 2015

Bull Run ACW game using BBB

Vincent and his buddies in New York have been using BBB for ACW. He wrote a scenario for Bull Run aka 1st Manassas, which sounds like it resulted in a fun game. He's posted a really nice photo-report here:

I wrote the "Bloody Big Battles" rules in the first instance so that we could fight the major actions of the Franco-Prussian War and other continental conflicts. Apart from Gettysburg and a couple of the other biggest ACW actions, I haven't really touched ACW with BBB. Although an ACW scenario book is an obvious thing to do at some point, it would take a long time for me to do it myself, and isn't necessarily a priority for me. Given the amount of interest in BBB for ACW from players out there, I expect people will just create their own scenarios and maybe I won't need to!

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