Saturday, 29 October 2016

Collected reviews of BBB - Bloody Big BATTLES!

In the two years since publication of the "Bloody Big Battles!" rules and the companion scenario book, "Bloody Big European Battles!", BBB has had consistently positive feedback.

Now seems an appropriate time to collate in a convenient place some of the many good reviews that BBB has received so far. Below is a list of links that will take you either to full reviews or to selected quotes. Wherever possible I have linked direct to the source.

If you are interested in fighting large nineteenth-century battles and you aren't yet familiar with BBB, do yourself a favour and read what other players say about it.

"The Foreign Correspondent", journal of the Continental Wars Society.

Collected comments from many players.

"Miniature Wargames" magazine.

Keefsblogspot (by Keith Flint, author of the Honours of War SYW rules).

Very thorough review for "Deep Fried Happy Mice" by Vincent Tsao.

"Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy" magazine.

Doctor Phalanx review here
and some battle reports such as Gettysburg.

Don't Throw Bloody Spears at Me.

Two Marshals.

The Rat Report.

Mark's Gaming Blog.

"Lone Warrior" (Solo Wargamers Association), by Paul Le Long.
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Friday, 7 October 2016

"BBB has broken wargaming for me!"

I really liked this post on the BBB Yahoo group! Headlined "BBB has broken wargaming for me", the gist of it is that after having played Bloody Big Battles historical scenarios, the poster (Leadhead, Ph.D), can no longer find the pleasure he used to in generic points-based tournament wargames.

I thought about taking this as a pretext to waffle on about how after making the Fifth Prigoginic Leap there's no going back. But instead I'll limit myself to saying that I likewise now usually feel vaguely unsatisfied after any wargame that isn't an actual historical battle, and few games give me the same high as BBB does. I'll leave it to readers to speculate why this could be.

It's been a couple of weeks. I need my fix!