Friday 12 June 2015

Folk dancers 1, Wargamers 0

A bit frustrated this week. Went along to Monday's club night, as listed on the club website, and as confirmed in an email exchange with one of the club officials. Set up our big air battle playtest, 3 moves in, just inflicted the first casualties, when an irascible elderly gentleman ejected us. Apparently on the second Monday of every month the hall belongs to the 17th-century folk dancers, it always has done (presumably since 1650), and this month was no exception.

So our game was cut short and our pub session lengthened, which wasn't all bad, but I am suffering a serious case of wargamer's cold turkey. To be compounded as I can't get a game in again until the 22nd.

But at least for then I have Katseljevo-Ablava to look forward to. This is almost the only action in the Russo-Turkish War in which Gorloff guns were used (Russian Gatlings), so I had to write a "Bloody Big Battles" scenario for it. Looks like an interesting fight in its own right, even without the exotic element, so it should be fun. (Scenario in the BBB Yahoo group files as usual.)

 The map that alerted me to the Gorloff guns at Katseljevo-Ablava

Then looking further ahead, the boys will probably fight Coulmiers (Franco-Prussian BBB) while I'm away; and, prompted partly by some discussion on TMP, I have got enthused about the Wilderness (ACW) and have started work on a scenario for that too.

Final footnote for this week: I don't do FaceBook, but if you do, you might want to check out Konstantinos Travlos's "19th Century Warfare and Wargaming" FB page. This is very new but already becoming a nice resource.

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