Tuesday 26 May 2015

It's not about winning - it's just losing I can't stand

I realise that in last night's post about Spicheren I neglected to update my running tally for the year. I was just a referee/observer in the first game, but in the second I commanded the French left. I feel I should take credit for my part in competently frustrating the invading Teutons. The fact that I entirely forgot to note this yesterday clearly shows that the pleasure to be had from BBB is about far more than just winning or losing. (He said, piously.)

But it is nice to win!

My total for 2015 so far, not counting games I referee, nor 'tutorials' like Montebello or the Jets Over the Reich game from earlier this month:

Games played to conclusion - 18.
Won - 10.
Drawn - 3.
Lost - 5.

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