Friday 15 May 2015

BBB reviewed in "Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy"

Another positive review of Bloody Big Battles has been published, this time in "Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy" magazine #78. My thanks to reviewer Eoghan Kelly for writing a nice review including these quotable quotes:

"simplicity, coupled with some clever structuring of the turn, lends a degree of elegance to how the game plays out"

"the presentation of each battle is well done"

"all in all, a good set of rules, which will allow players to recreate the battles [of this period] in an evening"

Eoghan's main complaint is that BBB does not provide army lists etc to support games other than the historical battles in the BBB and BBEB books. It's a fair criticism, but not an insurmountable problem for your averagely knowledgeable and creative wargamer, and I'm happy to say BBB players are already spontaneously addressing it. One group* has created a points system for BBB which they are playtesting and refining. A working version can be found in the files of the BBB Yahoo group.

*[When I first posted this, I attributed the points system to Dave Bennett; I'm now told it was created by Rob Smith. I'm happy to stand corrected and to give the credit where it is due.]

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  1. And right on cue, here's a report of how the points system came to the rescue and provided a really successful and exciting BBB game:


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