Saturday 21 January 2023

Newly published: "Hungary 1849: The Summer Campaign"

I am delighted to report that my latest book was published this week. "Hungary 1849: The Summer Campaign" is the sequel to "Hungary 1848: The Winter Campaign". Together, these two volumes provide a complete and very detailed military history of this epic year-long struggle.

The previous volume has had some very kind reviews, e.g.:

- by "Balkan Dave" Watson

- by Colin "Carryings on up the dale" Ashton

- by Mike Huston on "Hamsterwrangler"

and others. I hope "Hungary 1849" will be equally well received.

As this blog is mainly aimed at wargamers, let me remind you that, if you want to wargame the battles described in these books, scenarios for 16 of the most important ones are to be found in my BBB campaign supplement for this war, "Bloody Big Hungary '48 Battles!".

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