Tuesday 2 April 2019

BBB Bash Day, Sun 12 May 2019 - come on down

I am pleased to announce the next BBB Bash Day will be held at Wolvercote Village Hall, Oxford, UK on Sunday 12 May 2019. This will offer a rich menu of participation games using the "Bloody Big BATTLES!" rules or variants based on BBB. Scheduled games are likely to include:

English Civil War – Edgehill and possibly Cropredy Bridge or Winceby
American War of Independence – Germantown
Hungary 1849 – the three battles of Komarom
Italian War of 1859 – Montebello, Palestro, Magenta
ACW – Gettysburg (all three days, with beautiful custom terrain)
Boer War – probably Colenso
WWI – Dunsterforce at Baku (run by a descendant of the general!)
Another ACW or WWI battle, to be determined

Anyone who turns up is welcome to participate in the games, and we will endeavor to accommodate all players so far as is possible. Obviously it will help us plan if we know you are coming, so if you are seriously keen to join in, please email me. For my email address and more details, please visit the Oxford Wargames Society website:
For my report on the previous Bash Day, see here.

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