Wednesday 14 December 2016

Belgrade Military Museum

Last month I had the good fortune of a trip to Belgrade. Apart from having a brilliant time with my Balkan hosts, I also managed a morning at Belgrade Military Museum.

 Welcome to the Kalemegdan Fortress!

I took a million photos which I have annotated as best I can and posted in this Flickr album. I make no claims of great photography but there are plenty of interesting items to see.

I managed to resist spending a tenner on a beautiful book by Dusan Babac about Serbia in 1848. Plenty of nice pics, but not only was it in Serbian (which is not one of my languages), it was in  Cyrillic, which I do find a struggle. Of course I may yet regret my parsimony, but it seemed like a lot of investment for the outside chance that I might one day find it useful for perhaps a single Serbo-Magyar 1848 scenario.

I did