Thursday 17 December 2015

Beautiful BBB battles

Travels meant no wargaming for me this week. Others were more fortunate. I'm regularly surprised and delighted by what BBB players old and new have been up to. I love to read people's thoughtfully composed, beautifully illustrated reports of exciting BBB games they've had with their sumptuous terrain and gorgeous figures - putting my own poor efforts to shame. So let me point you towards a couple of examples, in case you haven't seen them already.

First and foremost, the work of BBB stalwart Vincent Tsao, in New York, as exemplified by his latest report on TMP of his Shiloh game. I always enjoy the combination of Vincent's annotated photos and laconic style. I plan to emulate his use of custom-painted battlefield cloths. The casualty figures are a nice cosmetic touch as well, they don't serve any rules-related function, but they do show you where the real fighting happened.