Tuesday 4 August 2015

Bits and pieces

Four days' worth of more or less wargames/military history-related activity ...

Friday: cooked a Moravian Sparrow in honour of last week's Koeniggraetz game. Delicious.


Saturday: the new Osprey books I had ordered arrived - Russo-Japanese War, Balkan Wars, War of the Triple Alliance. Now to peruse them and compile an order for new ready-painted RJW armies.

Sunday: went to see a small English Civil War display by the Sealed Knot. A half-hearted affair - the re-enactors weren't doing much because there were only half a dozen spectators, and the spectators (including us) didn't stick around long enough to form a crowd because the re-enactors weren't doing much. But I had my first go at wearing ECW armour and doing pike drill.

Monday: third go at The Wilderness. Yet another Confederate victory, confirming that we need to adjust the victory conditions. One or two other minor changes, but essentially the scenario is sound, a good representation of the battle, and great fun to play. And I can say that despite my incoherent effort as one of the two Union commanders contributing to Union defeat. Just waiting for one more playtest report, after which we should be able to post a final version of the game.

My running tally for the year, not counting games I referee:

Games played to conclusion - 21.
Won - 10.
Drawn - 3.
Lost - 8.

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