Tuesday 14 April 2015

Star Trek, Quatre Bras and Totalize!

An excellent and eclectic weekend's games demand to be recorded. After some looseners round the campfire in Scott's backyard, Saturday night's entertainment was a bout of Star Trek: Attack Wing. Our five Federation vessels took on Charlie's two Klingon ships and their two powerful Romulan allies. The allies started divided and we were able to defeat them in detail with the loss of just a single small Federation craft. Only one Romulan escaped - enough for the Klingons to consider themselves betrayed.


Sunday was given over to serious historical gaming. We fought Quatre Bras using rules developed by Mark Fastoso, of Fireball Forward fame (and ColonialCampaigns, and some outstanding Check Your Six! scenario books, etc). As the Duke of Wellington, I donned a poncho and a Russian fur hat and had the honour to serve His Royal Highness Prince Sean of Orange. Our plan entailed posting two brigades in the Bois de Bossu, while the third together with our artillery held the vital hinge of our position, the hamlet of Quatre Bras itself. Our French opponents opted for speed over firepower, and expended their efforts in pushing troops as far and as fast as possible to outflank QB and gain ground before our reinforcements could assist. This meant their artillery was neglected and did not get into action until too late to matter. There was a critical moment when one British line battalion was assailed by two French columns. We played our cards right and the French routed. After that, the inexorable flow of Allied arrivals turned the tide, and the final score was an emphatic thumping for Marshal Ney.


After the rest of the guys went home, Scott and I then pushed around some 3mm scale Picoarmor, kicking around ideas for a WWII ruleset that would enable entire operations such as Totalize, Crusader to be fought out on 6'x4' in a fun way and in a reasonable amount of time. We made real progress and the game is taking shape.

With my victories in Star Trek and Quatre Bras, my winning percentage for the year has improved. Score now:

Games played to conclusion - 15. (not counting ones I referee)
Won - 8.
Drawn - 2.
Lost - 5.

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